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Caravanning – Our Personal History

Our caravanning experiences started in the late fifties when dear father felt the need for the open road and running water.  The answer was obvious and the decision made. Father had been a volunteer in Word War II and had returned, thankfully physically unhurt, but of course emotionally scarred.  After the war…

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RSPB Freiston Shore

A short drive from our certified location is the wildlife reserve RSPB Freiston Shore. The sun made a welcome visit this morning we decided to visit for a walk. We were greeted by loud bird calls and two friendly ducks.  The pair of ducks seemed everso tame and followed us…

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First Family Holiday

While some members of the Edwards’ family have been caravanning for a very long time and are seasoned experts, we have recently returned from what was our first family holiday and first caravan holiday. Will and I took our one year old twins to a wonderful CL in Frampton on…

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