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First Family Holiday

While some members of the Edwards’ family have been caravanning for a very long time and are seasoned experts, we have recently returned from what was our first family holiday and first caravan holiday.

Will and I took our one year old twins to a wonderful CL in Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire.

Travelling with children is never a simple affair. But packing was easy; we simply opened the van doors and packed it all in. I even took the iron and ironing board because I ran out of time to do the ironing!

I’d taken a travel cot to contain the children while we setup the awning. They started off in the cot-prison, but graduated to the tarpaulin when the noise levels rose, and then to free-ranging. Will and I unpacked while the twins got to know the CL.

Quickly I found how wonderful caravanning was for children. The twins could make as much mess as they liked when they ate and Will and I could drink wine sitting outside enjoying the evening while they slept.

We had a wonderful visit to Adam’s Farm at the Cotswold Farm Park of BBC Countryfile fame. I used to love visiting the farm park back in the 80s and was keen to see if the park was as I remembered it. It was the White Park cattle that had stuck in my memory and I was pleased to see they were still there going strong.

We fitted in a visit to the beach where we enjoyed traditional fish and chips. I don’t know what Weston Super Mare looked like before it’s facelift, but it’s a lovely place to visit now.[image]

our young family on holiday[/image]


I hope everyone has an equally a relaxing and enjoyable holiday this year!

Best regards


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