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Our Holiday Close to Home

Summer holidays and farming don’t sit easily together.  We’re staying with our friend Penny and her two children in a CL opposite Chapel Six Marshes in Chapel St Leondards.  It’s about 30 minutes from home.  Children don’t need to be miles from home to have a good time!  Both husbands are busy harvesting so if they get a chance to join us for an evening, or the day if we’re lucky, it’s not too far for them to come.

What a wonderful week we all had!

It’s a simple site with no electric hookups, but we’ve been going there for the last four years and the children love it.  It’s a stone’s throw from the beach.  Nearly every day we just walked across the road, loaded down with a beach tent, buckets and spades, bodyboards, the essential picnic, not forgetting the dogs and there we stayed all day.  The children dug waterways and bodyboarded in the sea.  We saw starfish, jellyfish and seals. Then we would trundle back to the caravan for tea and a well earned glass of wine (For Penny and me that is).[image]Building sand castles at Chapel St Leonards[/image]

On the Tuesday we took all four children to the Petwood Hotel at Woodall Spa to see an outdoor theatre production of “The Owl who was afraid of the dark”.  Everyone enjoyed the lovely story despite the occasional rain showers that kept appearing.

On the Friday, as it was a cloudy day,we walked the children along the beach front all the way to Chapel village.  It took about 40 minutes at a childs pace and included a 10 minute leg rest.  On the sea front is a friendly little pub, the Admiral Benbow.  We sat and had a much deserved drink and a packet of crisps.  Then whilst Penny walked back to collect the car I took the children to the sea-side arcades to play the penny slot machines.

We had a lovely week and look forward to going again next year!
[image]Sam body boarding at Chapel[/image][image]Arching body boarding[/image]

Becci Edwards


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