A short drive from our certified location is the wildlife reserve
RSPB Freiston Shore.

The sun made a welcome visit this morning we decided to visit for a walk. We were greeted by loud bird calls and two friendly ducks.  The pair of ducks seemed everso tame and followed us around the carpark for a few minutes before getting bored when they realised we had no food for them.Pair of friendly ducks coming to welcome us at RSPB Frieston Shore

The twins, double buggy and I set off on the trail around the  saltwater lagoon.  Just a little way into the trail is a large hide looking out over the lagoon. I’m no twitcher but I’m sure I spotted avocets and lapwings amongst the obvious gulls.

View around RSPB Freiston Shore Saltwater Lagoon

We pushed on past the gravel path onto a grass track, up onto the sea bank. By this time I was getting more exercise than I had bargained for as the path wasn’t double buggy friendly, but we had a great view over the lagoon to one side and the saltmarsh out to sea.



Saltwater Marsh RSPBConservation Grazing

There were several benches on the seabank so we sat for a while watching the birds and the sheep that were grazing amongst them before completing our little circuit back to the car.

It was a lovely walk all in all.  I think next time we’ll take a picnic and some spare bread for the pair of ducks.

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